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Lin Wang/Downstate
03/14/2011 01:40 PM


How do LICH users access Downstate email?


LICH Email

Email Continuity

On Day 1 of the merge, e-mails sent to your chpnet.org address will be automatically forwarded to your Downstate e-mail account.
E-mails received six months prior to the day of the merge, calendar entries, and personal address book entries saved on the server will be imported to your Downstate e-mail account as soon as we receive from CHP after the merger. E-mails older than six months will only be imported by requests through the Help Desk (718-780-2300)

Accessing Downstate Email From a Browser

To access Downstate email, you will have to use a web browser such as Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox or Safari. Go to the SUNY Downstate home page via http://www.downstate.edu and click on the E-mail link located in the upper-right hand corner of the web page.

After you click on the E-mail link, you will be prompt to enter your user name, which is your firstname.lastname (i.e., John.Smith & John.Smith-Davis if there is a hyphen included). After you enter your user name, click on the "Log In" button.

Enter the case sensitive password that was sent to you. Click on "Login".

The first time you use the online email system, you are asked to download the Domino Web Access Control from IBM Corporation. This control is necessary for the email system to function properly.
Check "Always Remember....", then click yes.

You have to allow pop-up for email5.downstate.edu. Otherwise you may have issues, such as when changing the password. The pop-up blocker is enabled by default on Windows XP service pack 3. It will also be enabled when you install Google, Yahoo or MSN tool bars.

If you cannot login successfully, then please call the Help Desk: 718-780-2300

Once you have successfully logged in, please change your email password as soon as possible.

The iNotes home page opens up with a searchable help file. Two sections that might be useful for first time users are "Get Started" and "Create Mail". The help file can be opened at anytime you are using iNotes by clicking on the help link located at the upper-right corner.

Addressing an Email Message

You are able to retrieve the Downstate Address book or Personal Contacts by clicking on the link "To:".

Please download the Reference card for more details on iNotes interface. The Reference Card can also be accessed from the IBM Learning Center, which contains useful information about Lotus Notes.

Wireless Email Support

We fully support BlackBerrys issued by the institution as the wireless solution to administer the synching of mail/calendar/contacts. Please contact the Help Desk to activate your BlackBerry device.
In addition, we have implemented a system called Lotus Notes Traveler, which supports wireless email for the iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android, Windows Mobile 6, and Nokia mobile devices, however, we are not responsible for device/hardware related issues for these mobile devices. Please see Instructions on how to configure your handheld.