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Lin Wang/Downstate
02/04/2005 02:35 PM


Creating a folder


How To, Mail

When creating Folders in your mail file it helps in categorizing your mail messages. This is not considered archiving.
Archiving removes the messages from the mail database, and places those items on to your local computer.

1. Select or open the database where you want to create the folder.

2. From the menu, choose Create - Folder.

3. Enter a name for the folder in the "Folder name" field in the "Create Folder" dialog box.

4. Select "Folders" from the location field to create the new folder in the navigation pane. To create a subfolder of an existing folder in the navigation pane, select the name of the folder from the location field. When the new subfolder is created, the folder displays a triangle to the left of it and the subfolder is collapsed underneath the folder you selected.

5. Do one of the following:

6. Do one or both of the following: 7. (Optional) If none of the existing views or folders of a database shows information the way you want to see it, you can create a customized folder by clicking the "Save and Customize" button. For procedures on how to customize a folder, see Designing folders if you have installed Lotus Domino Designer 6 Help. Or, go to the Documentation Library on the Lotus Developer Domain to download or view Lotus Domino Designer 6 Help.

Tip Right-clicking an existing folder provides you with options to delete, rename, or change the design of that folder if it is not a shared folder.

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