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Lin Wang/Downstate
10/29/2008 09:21 AM


What should I do if I receive mail quota warnings frequently


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Mail servers start to send email alerts when the mail file size reaches 95% of the total space allowed; and will continue to do so as long as the situation is not resolved.
At this stage, the email functions normally. However, you should start to free space by deleting or archiving emails ASAP.
If failed to do so, you will not be able to receive or send messages when the mail file size exceeds the quota.

Please be aware that moving messages to folders does not free any space, only deletion and archiving does.
When deleting/archiving messages, it is most effective to select messages containing large attachments. To do so, first sort messages by size as shown below.

Then you can choose to delete or archive the messages. Or you can remove the attachment, but leave the message for future reference*.

Please empty the trash after deletion. Otherwise, no space will be freed until the deleted messages are automatically purged by the system in 48 hours.
Immediately after deletion/archive, freed space will be used for mail transaction right away. However, you will not see the change in the mail file properties until it is compacted over the weekend.

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*Double-click on the attachment you would like to save. Click on Save to save the attachment to a location on your hard drive.
To delete the message, select the attachment once and hit the Delete button on your keyboard or right-click the attachment and select Delete.