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Lin Wang/Downstate
02/03/2005 03:27 PM


Archiving in Notes Client v.8.5


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Archiving Mail in Client 8.5

Archiving is moving mail from your mail file on the mail server to a single file on your local machine.
There are two ways to archive: manually and automatically.
If you archive manually you pick and choose individual messages that you wish to archive, regardless of message size, dates, and where they are located within folders.
If you archive automatically you are strictly dealing with the issue of date, regardless of where the document is located (including All Documents where Calendar entries reside)
When automatically archiving, calendar entries are archived, meaning the day you created a calendar entry it is input in Notes the day you created the entry, not the day that the calendar entry is intended for, and if automatic archiving is set for 30 days, if that entry was made 31 days ago it will be automatically archived.

How to archive mail to the local drive (1. Manually 2. Automatically)

To enable Scheduled Archiving

To enable Automated Archiving
To Retrieve Archived Documents

Note: Always close the archive mail file after you finish retrieving your archived file in order to avoid mistakenly using it for sending out email.