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Shawn Davis/Downstate
04/08/2005 11:39 AM


Instant Messaging


How To, Instant Messaging, Notes client
Setting up Notes Instant Messenger (IM)

When you are in your Inbox, located in the bottom right-hand corner, click on the word Office.
Then click on Edit Current...

The following box opens.
Click on the Servers tab. DO NOT EDIT ANY OTHER FIELD other than: "IBM Lotus Instant Messaging server".
st01.downstate.edu should be entered in.

Click on the Instant Messaging tab, and edit only the "Connect" field, by clicking the down arrow.
You will see "At Notes Login", you must select Manually
Hit Save & Close

To the left of the word "Office" is Disconnected
Click on it, and select Lot On To Instant Messaging

Type in your iNotes login name: 1st name space last name and iNotes password.
Note: the password on the Notes client is independent of the the authentication for accessing Lotus' IM service.

At the top, take notice of the bubble icons.
Click on the single balloon to begin chatting with a single person.

Place the full name of the person you wish to chat with.

Persons in Green are available to speak.
Double-click on the name, and

Begin typing your text.

To start a chat meeting with multiple people, click on the Double Balloon icon

Clicking on Add Invitees... brings you to the below picture.