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Lin Wang/Downstate
02/03/2005 03:26 PM


Installing Notes Client v.8.5


How To, Notes client

There are two resources for Notes installations:

Customized installation: a customized Notes client package is located at \\lima-01-a\notesshare\Notes8.5.3. Clicking setup.exe under this folder will start to install Notes in a multiple user mode without asking any questions. This folder is accessible to SUNYUHB domain users. After the installation, please reference to Step 8 and below in the regular installation to configure Notes.

Regular installation: for any reasons the installations cannot be done as above, please following the following steps.
1. Download Notes client 2. Accepting default location to extract the installation files.
3. Click on next.
4. Accept the license agreement and click on Next
5. On the Customer Information screen, type in your full name and SUNY as the organization. 6. Remove the word IBM from the default location for install Notes files and finish the install process.
7. Click on the Notes icon on the desktop to start the configuration 8. Click on the next button on the welcome page 9. Fill in your Notes user name and the domino server name you are connected to. Click on Next 10. If the connection to the server can not be established, you will be prompted to enter the server IP address in the next three Steps. Otherwise, skip to Step 8.

11. Click on the arrow next to “select a network type” and select “TCPIP”.

12. Type the server IP address in “Server Address” and click on Next 13. Browse to the location where your Notes ID file located and select it. Click next
14. Select Yes when asked to copy the ID file to the data folder and type in your password when prompted.
15. Uncheck “Setup instant messaging” and click on Next
16. Click on Finish on the next page.
17. Click on the Notes icon to open Notes and skip the configuration of the Welcome page.