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Lin Wang/Downstate
02/04/2005 02:46 PM


Moving or adding mail to a folder


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Folders are useful for organizing your messages in a way meaningful to you. You can show the same message in one folder or as many as you want. Before you move or add a message, note these distinctions.
Caution There is only one message. If you delete a message in any folder or view it disappears from all other folders and views.

You can’t move messages from most views (such as Drafts or All Documents) because views automatically select the messages they contain. You can only add messages from views to folders. To stop a message from appearing in the All Documents view, you can delete it, but this deletes it from any other views or folders in which it appears. To stop a message from appearing in the Drafts view, send the message.

The Sent view is an exception; you can use a dialog box to remove a message from it while still displaying the message in folders.

For more information, see Deleting, removing, or tracking messages from the Sent view.

To move or add mail to a folder

1. Select the message(s).

2. From the menu, choose Actions - Folder - Move To Folder.

3. (Optional) To create a new folder, click "Create New Folder," enter a name, and click OK.

4. Do one of the following:

Tip You can also drag messages to a folder. To move a message to a folder, display the folder you want in the navigation pane, and then drag the message to the folder. To add a message to a folder, hold CTRL (or COMMAND on the Macintosh) and drag the message to the folder. To move a folder inside another folder, drag and drop it onto the other folder.

To take advantage of folder improvements in your mail in Lotus Notes 6, your mail database must be upgraded using the MAIL6.NTF template. Ask your Domino administrator for assistance.

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