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Shawn Davis/Downstate
12/13/2011 02:38 PM


Encrypted Email


Encryption, Security

When sending an email message within the Downstate community, the transmission by default is encrypted.
When sending a message outside of the Downstate community the following steps must take place.
Create a new message and select the Display button to reveal 3 options: High Importance, Return receipt and Mark Subject Confidential

"Mark Subject Confidential" is the option that will Encrypt the email message headed outside of Downstate's network.

You can verify that the message is Encrypted by the foreword portion of the Subject line *Confidential: .
The recipient of this message will receive instructions once, to create an account, so that going forward they will receive Downstate encrypted mail without delay.

By marking the Encrypt option below, will encrypt the message for the Downstate community between Notes users.
A person who is addressed this way, cannot read the encrypted message on their Blackberry or Smartphone.

In the Delivery Options...
Marking Encrypt below does not help in encrypting the message that is headed outside of our network. It can only be read by the Notes client.
Messages are already encrypted during transmission from one computer to the next, so this option is not needed.

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