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Lin Wang/Downstate
06/22/2007 09:11 AM


Report spam


Anti-Spam, How To, Notes client

As a part of our anti-spam strategy to provide the highest blocking rate and least false positives, a report menu is provided for reporting suspected Spam, Virus', or Phishing. This application Email Security, from Cisco's Ironport, is installed on top of the Notes client to report spam which has not been blocked at the gateway. Download here.

The plug-in only works when a message from an outside source is highlighted. This will not work when a Downstate email message is highlighted. This function has no effect on internal messages.

To block spam, select the message and click on the Action menu. The message is reported as spam to the company and moved to a folder called "Junk". You can delete them from this folder.

Don't panic if you report a wrong message as spam. You can place the message back into your Inbox and "Report as Not Spam".