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Lin Wang/Downstate
02/21/2006 06:00 PM


Smart Upgrade


How To, Notes client

Smart Upgrade is new feature in Notes version 6 which allows the administrator to push Notes upgrade to end users. When implemented, the user will be prompted to upgrade Notes client when signing on to Notes.

Please note:

1. There is enough space on the local hard drive.
2. You are an administrator on the computer. If you are not, please choose "Don't Update Now" and contact the administrator.
3. Allow 10-15 minutes for the installation to be finished depending on the speed of your computer.
4. If you cannot upgrade at this time, you can manually start the upgrade process by choosing File->Tools->Notes Smart Upgrade from the command menu.
5. A upgrade deadline is usually set. When the deadline is reached, the user will not be able to delay the installation which will automatically started. To avoid problems caused by server congestion, the user should upgrade as soon as possible.

During the upgrade process, Notes will connect to the upgrade database on a Domino server to download the newest version of Notes and the progress will be shown at the bottom of Notes window. When the file downloaded, Notes will be shut down automatically and installation will be started. The following is step by step procedure for the installation procedure.

Click on Next on the welcome page:

Accept the license agreement and click on Next

When you come to the following screen, please don't change the default installation options which usually is "Only for me". If you do not see the choice, you have a shared installation of Notes on this computer. If you change the default option, you may have to reconfigure your personal address book and archives. Correct the user name if needed.

Don't change the default installation location unless you know it is wrong, click on Next

Click on Next.

Uncheck the box if you do not want Notes to be your default email program and click on Next.

Notes will be installed which may take a few minutes and you will see the follow screen after it is done. Click on Finish.

Notes will be automatically restarted and that ends the upgrade process.

You may be prompted for an instant messaging server. You should use ST01/Downstate as the server name.

When you sign on to Notes the first time after Notes client upgraded successfully, you will be prompted to log on to the instant messaging server. Please use your iNotes password to sign on. If you do not know your iNotes password, you can cancel to continue to work in Notes, but you will be asked to sign on every time you use Notes.