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Lin Wang/Downstate
06/14/2007 12:55 PM


Activation of new Blackberry handheld


Wireless Devices

1. After receiving the handheld, requests to sync with Downstate Lotus Notes need to be sent to the helpdesk (call x4357 or email to helpdesk@downstate.edu)
This is also true for handheld replacement.

2. When the addition is confirmed, do the following on the new handheld to activate:
a. Take out the battery and wait for three minute before put it back.
b. After the restart finished, click on the "Enterprise Activation" icon, which is the first icon on the home screen.
Note: If you do not see the icon, do the following instead: click on the "Options" icon, open "Advanced Options", open "Enterprise Activation" , click the rolling ball or trackwheel depending on the type of handhelds and select "Activate".
d. Type the email address in the format of firstname.lastname@downstate.edu, and "passs" without the quote as the password.
e. Click on thr rolling ball or trackwheel again and select "Activate".
f. Wait for the activation to finish. Please make sure there is good reception.