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Lin Wang/Downstate
05/24/2010 10:34 AM


Lotus Notes 8.5 Upgrade


Lotus Notes 8.5 Upgrade


Domino/Notes 8.5.x significantly enhances the client management and email functions. Here are some highlights of new features: For more details, please check out the Lotus Learning Widget in your Lotus Notes client 8.5.2 or visit IBM Information Center

Upgrade Processes:
Getting started

There are several excellent resources to learn new features in Lotus Notes 8.5.2 and Lotus iNotes. Many topics are covered in multimedia representations:
Lotus Learning Widget comes with the new Lotus Notes client
IBM Learning Center
IBM Information Center

Within the Inbox, click on Help/Search. This will embed the search query and result tool into the Notes client for any Lotus Notes related questions.

The Inbox view has changed to include & embed other facets of Notes client; i.e. calendar and Sametime.

Items that have not changed are "changing password" and "archiving"

Finding preferences to make changes to items you used to change by familiarizing yourself with their location. Here are a couple of items that have changed their locations:

To open the calendar

Click Open > Calendar

Tip: The sidebar contains a Day At-A-Glance panel that displays one day of your calendar at a time so you can check your schedule or add a calendar entry quickly without having to open the full calendar.

To open the Contacts
which is no longer called Address book

Click Open > Contacts

Sharing your Contact list

When you allow someone else to manage your Contacts for you, the copy that you give them access to is the copy stored in your mail file. Synchronizing your Contacts ensures that they have the most current copy. How to open someone else's Contacts

Additionally, if you use the IBM Lotus iNotes mail client as well as the Lotus Notes client, then synchronizing your contacts from the Notes® client assures that both contacts lists are the same.

Note: Storing your Contacts in your mail file impacts your mail file quota.

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