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Lin Wang/Downstate
05/29/2009 12:12 PM


Email Attachments trigger virus alerts


Issues & Solutions, Notes client

Virus alerts could be tirggered when an email attachment could not be scanned. Please follow the best practice below:
1. The name of an email attachment should always contains a file extention, and a period (".") should only present in front of the file extention. For example, email-attachment.pdf is good, but email.attachment.pdf is not.
2. When email attachments were sent from Lotus Notes client on Macintosh to internet address, You may get a warning message with "Scan error (Unable to extract content)".
Please make sure the following setting is set in Lotus Notes:

In Notes, click on 'Office' or 'Online' as shown below and select 'Edit Current'. Click on "Advanced" tab, and "MIME settings" tab. Make sure "AppleDouble" is the choice for "Outbound Mac attachment conversion". Click on "Save and Close" button to exit.