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Shawn Davis/Downstate
03/07/2006 09:29 AM


Granting access to your Mail/Calendar


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Granting Access to Your Mail/Calendar
If you need someone to view and edit your mail and or calendar, you may do so by granting a person access. You can govern the amount of access a person needs as well.
Within your Inbox, go to the Tools button, and select Prefernces...

The below box will pop up, and go to the Access & Delegation tab, then to the Access to Your Mail & Calendar tab.

Click on the Add Person button, and the below box will pop-up allowing you to begin choosing who you would like to grant what type of access to.
Click on the down arrow in the blank field, and the Downstate Address Book should pop-up.

Type in the name of the person you're granting access to, and click OK.

After the name is entered, then select the type of Access you would like the person to have.
Then you will see the person's name, and the type of access they have to your mail file.

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