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Lin Wang/Downstate
03/28/2006 05:54 PM


Troubleshoot Out of Office problems


How To, Mail, Notes client

The follow procedure can be used to troubleshoot if the Out of Office message is not sent after it is enabled.

1. Check Out of Office (OOO) agent and make sure it is enabled.

After log in Inbox, choose View->agent. The OOO agent should be checked if it is enabled.

2. Check log for last run time

Right click Out of Office agent and choose Log.

3. If the agent has never been run before, run a test

Right click Out of Office agent and choose Test. The test result gives very valuable information about the problem. When the server name is indicated as the problem, follow the next steps:

Double click on "Out Of Office" agent and the agent property window pops up. Click on the button "Schedule"

Check the field "Run on" and select the correct server name:

For most of faculty users, the server name should be either facadm-mail-01/downstate or hosp-mail-01/downstate.