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Shawn Davis/Downstate
02/24/2011 09:20 AM


Open a Replica Mail File


Issues & Solutions, Lotus Notes 8.5 Upgrade, Mail, Notes client

There are mail file's still in use by the server conducting maintenance, access to mail may not be available temporarily.
There is a 2nd mail server, which will have all of the same mail (replica copy) found by following the following documentation:

Click on the Open button located on the upper left-hand side of the Notes client.
Highlight the Mail icon and right-click.
(if you do not have the Open button, the Mail icon is docked as a bookmark bar)
Scroll to the Open Replica and highlight IT-APP-03/Downstate

This will now open up a replica/copy of the current mail file you have on the HOSP or FACADM mail server.

Note: Read & Unread marks may not be synched (a known IBM issue)