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Shawn Davis/Downstate
01/05/2010 08:26 AM


Mail Deletion on 3rd Party Clients


IMAP/POP3 setup, Mac, Mail

How are you deleting your messages? You may not have many messages in your Inbox, Sent or any created folders.
But your All Documents has several hundred or thousands of messages; that's the reason for inquiring about your technique for deleting messages. The messages may not actually be deleted.

In your Mac Mail or other 3rd party mail client it probably shows a small amount of messages in total; but this is only in the view of your client and not the actual mail file on our Downstate mail servers.
In your setup of Mac Mail or 3rd party mail client, you need to click the check box to delete on both Mail client and server?
You have been deleting on the mail client, but it does not send the command to delete the message from your Downstate's mail servers.

Our advise is to log into your iNotes account (http://email.downstate.edu) enter in username & password; and open the "Views/ All Documents" Here you will find messages that you thought you had deleted.
Delete the unwanted messages here, and going forward with the correct mail client configuration, your mail should be deleted in both places.