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Shawn Davis/Downstate
07/28/2005 08:18 AM


Common problems in retrieving email off campus


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Common problems in retrieving email off campus and some suggested solutions

1. How do I log on to email?
2. How do I find out my Downstate email username or password?
Students : Use your Downstate student ID number (SID); for example, 200298761. If you donıt know your Downstate SID number, it can usually be found on the front of your Downstate photo ID card, as well as on Bursar receipts and on documentation from the Registrar.

Faculty : Use your first and last names, separated by either a space (Ègeorge washingtonı) or, in some cases, by a period (Ègeorge.washingtonı).

Students : The original password is a random string of eight letters and numbers. If you have lost it, Nursing students can stop by their departmental administrative office (HSEB E840) during normal business hours to present their student ID card and receive their information. For all others, you can request assistance by sending an email from your outside email account (AOL, MSN, Yahoo, etc) to the Downstate helpdesk at helpdesk@downstate.edu requesting assistance. Please be sure to give your full name, college and Downstate student ID number.

Faculty: Contact the helpdesk (helpdesk@downstate.edu).