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Shawn Davis/Downstate
06/08/2011 01:11 PM


Disable Recent Contact Saving


Issues & Solutions, Notes client

This issue is only affecting the Notes client users, not iNotes.

Within Contacts list, located in the left-hand bookmark bar, go to 'Recent Contacts', find the entry(s) for users you have Delivery Failure issues and delete them.
This will not delete their email accounts, but removing the corrupted email field entry that is in your Lotus Notes client only.

Now go to File/Preferences...
Go to the 'Contacts' located on the left-hand side.
On the right-hand side, in Notes client version 8.5.1 FP5 about 5-6 fields down Check the "Do not automatically add names to ...." field

Notes client version 8.5.2 looks like this